If you intend to move to Melbourne, you have to travel by air in most cases due to the
location of Australia. Cheap Flights to Melbourne are available through many sites.

There are flights connecting directly from Singapore, Thailand Bangkok, or the gulf
states such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi in the UAE or Qatar airways. These flights connect
European based flight to move to Melbourne. There are also direct flights from the US
San Francisco.

Qantas is the national carrier of Australia. Qantas flies to all parts of the
world almost. Australia is the Base of Qantas. This give Qantas the upper hand if you
buy your tickets from Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and so on. So, don't expect
the cheap flights to Melbourne Australia from Qantas.

This is because Qantas has the strong brand name in Australia and has the trust of
customers as well as the frequent flier program which serves more than 3 million

So, if you want to fly to Melbourne Australia, getting a cheap flights to Melbourne from
Qantas might be bit difficult. You will be better off to buy a ticket from another airline.
Try Singapore airways, or Cathay Pacific. If you are flying to the Middle East, try
Emirates Airlines or Gulf airways. These are the good airlines that will get you to the
Asian destinations as well as Europe. Other foreign airlines such as Lufthanza or KLM
fly from Australia but to be honest they have the worst in flight entertainment.

If you are moving or flying to Melbourne Australia, then getting a cheap flights to
Sydney Australia on Qantas becomes more sensible and affordable.

You can compare the cheap flights to Melbourne Australia by checking the websites
of the Airlines shown on this page.

Travel to Melbourne Australia is a long haul travel. It could take 8-9 hours to travel
from Singapore/Bankgog to Melbourne Australia. It could take 15-16 hours to travel
from Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha Qatar to Melbourne Australia.

So, since the travel to Melbourne takes long hours in a confined airplane and in most
cases in economy class for many passengers, you should prepare your kids for this
travel. You need to prepare your own back muscles as well. Go for a long walk before
the travel, avoid Alcohol, eat less food and ensure that you use the toilets to minimum.

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