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cost of living in Melbourne
The cost of study in Melbourne for Students depends on individual lifestyle. It is
estimated that a single international student requires approximately
$14,000-$18,000 per year to live in Melbourne.

Checkout this detailed Cost of Living in Melbourne page.

Public transport in Melbourne options include bus, tram, and train. Undergraduate
students can apply for a concession pass that entitles them to discount travel. A
monthly concession ticket costs $54.80 for travel in Zone 1, $36.70 for Zone 2, and
$84.50 for Zones 1 and 2. The State Government has introduced a Myki smart
cared that is being rolled out across the transport system. Universities in the city
centre generally don't offer student parking, and private parking can be expensive.
Those further out in the suburbs often have free car parks or sell yearly parking

In general, Australian universities offer lower tuition fees for many comparable
programs in the USA or the UK. Here is an example of the average tuition costs
per program as compared with US programs:

Bachelor of Business                                           MBA
Australia (3 years): US$70,000                         Australia (1.5 years): US$33,856
US public (4 years): US$119,882                       US public (2 years): US$69,085
US private (4 years): US$167,828                     US private (2 years): US$92,580

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