Finding jobs in Melbourne Australia might be a hard work!  To find a job,
you need to improve your skills.

The easiest way to Find jobs in Melbourne is by Networking, ie through the people
who you know you best can recommend you or recommend to you certain job

Melbourne employers prefer skilled migrants. If you come from an ethnic
background where English is not your first language, you might face some
challenges in finding a job in Melbourne as a new migrant. This is because
Melbourne employers prefer staff who can speak and write English fluently. This is
usually referred to by employers as your “Local Experience”. In other words, they
are stating that you don't know how things work here! Of course, it is illegal to
discriminate against any job applicant in Melbourne based on ethnicity, religion,
age, gender...etc.

Melbourne employers should consider special conditions for jobs related to
medical practitioners and civil engineers as they might be required to certify their
overseas certificates. This is because Australia has its own set of standards when
it comes to medicine and civil construction.

Other skilled jobs such as the IT and Telecom are much easier to find a job in
Melbourne. Sales and marketing are also required skills in Melbourne.

Melbourne attracts the largest number of students, backpackers, and migrants
looking for work. Driving a Taxi is an easy option if you have a driver license
and can pass the exam to be a Taxi driver. The exam focuses on your knowledge of
the different Melbourne suburbs and attractions of Melbourne.

If you want to be quickly find a job in Melbourne, then be prepared with a
professional CV. You also need to be prepared for Job interviews questions and
answers. Check the
Skills site here.

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