Muslims in Melbourne are part of the muslims of Australia. According to the 2001
census Australia's Muslim population numbered 221 856, of which approximately
72000 had been born in Australia. The Muslim
community in Australia is ethnically and linguistically diverse, with more than 70
groups represented, including Turks, Lebanese, Egyptians, Malays and, latterly,
Somalis, Afghans and Bosnians. Arabic, Turkish, English, Farsi and Urdu are the
main languages.

Muslims in Melbourne enjoy the freedom of worship. Muslim religious life in
Melbourne is centred on more than 25 mosques and a large number of prayer
rooms at university campuses, workplaces and other venues.

The best attended mosques in Melbourne are at Preston, Broadmeadows,
Newport and Doncaster.

There are five Islamic schools in Melbourne, established from the 1980s
onwards: King Khaled Islamic College (Coburg), Minaret College (Springvale),
Islamic College (Werribee), Darul Uloom College (Fawkner) and Illim College
(Dallas). Muslims concentrate in Muslim suburbs in Melbourne such as Coburg,
Springvale and some are in Doncaster. Muslims in Melbourne live near mosques
usually and wherever they can buy Halal food (butchery for instance).

Islamic weekend schools operate in most mosques and Islamic centres. These
weekend schools are often ethnically based, with the basics of Islamic education
and the language of the dominant ethnic group in the area being taught.

Melbourne is also host to Australia's first Islamic financial institution (the Muslim
Community Cooperative of Australia), which functions as an
interest-free Islamic financial institution. There are also welfare and youth
organisations, and media outlets.

The main entity for Muslims in Victoria is the Islamic Council of Victoria,
established in the late 1960s. Many Muslim societies are part of this Council,
although a significant number of societies and organisations opted not to join it.
The Islamic Council of Victoria, despite its limited resources, is involved in a
range of activities to help the Muslims of Melbourne, including settlement of newly
arrived refugees, dialogue with other faiths, and chaplaincy services to Muslims
in prison and remand centres. The Council also co-ordinates the activities of the
Board of Imams of Victoria.

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