UNIVERSITY of Melbourne has topped the Australian institutions in the highly regarded
Academic Ranking of World Universities for 2011.  The ARWU is a Chinese ranking that
originated at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Its ranking of the top 500 (research) universities
is eagerly awaited by the sector worldwide.
Melbourne, which was number two last year, also rose by two in the world rankings to 60.

The University of Sydney slipped one spot to fourth in the national rankings, and was 96 in
the world. It was eclipsed by the University of Queensland which moved up to third nationally
and vaulted into the top 100 in the world at 86.

The Australian National University was pushed to second spot and fell in the world rankings
by 11 to 70.

Queensland's arrival in the world top 100 brings Australian institutions in the big league to
four, compared to three last year. This is a pleasing result for the sector, as is the rise in the
number of Australians in the top 500, up by two this year, to 19.

Each university’s final score is based on four criteria:
* quality of education (10 per cent): based on the number of alumni who have won a Nobel
Prize or a Fields Medal (for maths)
* faculty quality (20 per cent): university staff who have won the above
* faculty quality: (20 per cent) top 200 cited researchers in the 21 categories
* research output (40 per cent): papers published in the journals Nature and Science and
papers indexed in Science and Social Science citation indexes
* per capita academic performance (10 per cent) created by calculations that sum all the
above and divide them by the number of staff

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National Rank        Institution                                                                      World Rank
1                                University of Melbourne                                            60
2                                The Australian National University                         70
3                                The University of Queensland                                 86
4                                University of Sydney                                                   96
5                                The University of Western Australia                       102-150
6-7                             Monash University                                                    151-200
6-7                             University of New South Wales                              151-200
8-9                             Macquarie University                                                201-300
8-9                             The University of Adelaide                                       201-300
10-13                        Flinders University                                                    301-400
10-13                        James Cook University                                            301-400
10-13                        University of Newcastle                                            301-400
10-13                        University of Tasmania                                            301-400
14-19                        Curtin University of Technology                              401-500
14-19                        Griffith University                                                        401-500
14-19                        La Trobe University                                                   401-500
14-19                        Swinburne University of Technology                     401-500
14-19                        University of Technology, Sydney                           401-500
14-19                        University of Wollongong                                         401-500