Melbourne has a very unpredictable weather. The Melbourne weather can
experience four seasons in one day. The crazy weather of Melbourne is noticeable
during the Spring months of September to November. If you commute by car,
always keep a jacket and an umbrella in this season. In winter, the lowest
temperature in Melbourne Australia might be 10°C during the daytime. In summer,
Melbourne weather experience two or three 40°C days, with a cool change to
follow. Summer period in Melbourne is Dec to Feb, Autumn is March to May, Winter
in June-August, and Spring is September to November. During the Spring time, hay
fever is very common in Melbourne.

The windiest time of the year in Melbourne begins in July. There may be several
days in succession of strong, cold north to northwest winds, often with cloud and
some light rain. The weather is frequently cold and cloudy. The few days of calm
sunny weather are accompanied by cold nights with frost or fog. Fog usually forms
late in the evening and clears by mid-morning, but occasionally persists for the
whole day during July. There are usually a few very cold days with strong southerly
winds and showers, light snow may fall on the hills within 35 km of the city centre.
On rare occasions, snow even falls in the city. The year's coldest day, with a
maximum temperature of about 9ºC, usually occurs during July. Some rain falls on
an average of one day in two, on some of these days there may be only a little
drizzle or a light shower.

Melbourne has a moderate oceanic climate Melbourne is prone to isolated
convective showers forming when a cold pool crosses the state, especially if there
is considerable daytime heating. These showers are often heavy and can contain
hail and squalls and significant drops in temperature, but they pass through very
quickly at times with a rapid clearing trend to sunny and relatively calm weather and
the temperature rising back to what it was before the shower.

Melbourne is colder than other mainland Australian state capital cities in the winter.
Snowfalls in Melbourne Australia are rare.

Sydney is a natural alternative to Melbourne. Check living in Sydney Australia

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